Monday, October 15, 2007

Dogs and cats living together

We are three months away from a NCAA Championship game featuring two out of these three teams: Ohio State, South Florida, and Boston College. This is exactly what people rooting for the demise of the BCS should hope for. The talent and coaching in the SEC is so much better than that in the rest of the country that it's unlikely for an SEC team to finish a year with one loss - much less likely than an ACC, Big East, or Big 10 team going undefeated. So it just becomes a matter of playing the right teams in conference at the right time (South Florida playing West Virginia when they were ranked fifth), a team in an overrated conference not playing anybody out of conference (did at Washington ever look tough on Ohio State's schedule), or a combination of both (Notre Dame looked tough on BC's schedule, and they got Georgia Tech when they were #15 and get Virginia Tech when they're #11).

Take a look at the SEC. They've got Urban Meyer, Steve Spurrier, Nick Saban, and Les Miles - I'll say four of the top six coaches in college, along with Pete Carroll and Jeff Tedford. The best quarterback (Andre Woodson, Kentucky), the best player (Darren McFadden, Arkansas), the best defensive player (Glenn Dorsey, LSU), and the best pass rusher (Derrick Harvey, Florida). I can go on an on - ESPN says the SEC has five of the top 7 recruiting classes, which is absurd. There is some parity in college football, but it's just across conferences. There's parity in the SEC, there's parity in the Pac-10, but one through ten the SEC would go 10-0 against any conference but the Pac-10, and they'd win at least 8 against the Pac-10.

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