Friday, October 19, 2007

Snap decisions on the 2007 draft

Matt Mosley's ESPN Hashmarks blog has a decent piece on where players would go if the 2007 NFL draft was held today. It's absurd to think JaMarcus Russell would drop from 1st to 32nd overall because of his holdout, but besides that I don't have any major disagreements. Calvin Johnson is a nice prospect but the Lions were foolish to turn down to cornucopia of picks the Broncos offered. Picking sixth was truly a can't miss spot, with the top 5 guys being available, and any would have been appropriate to draft but Dwayne Bowe. Landry was a fine pick, but the Redskins have to be looking at Okoye and Adrian Peterson and thinking "what if?" I told a Chargers fan this week that the Bolts were foolish to draft Craig Davis over Anthony Gonzalez and Mosley agrees.

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