Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Matrix and me

So last night I'm getting ready to settle in for what was sure to be a 4+ hour evening of baseball watching when I get a call from a phone number with a Texas area code. Since I had just given my number to some sketchy people for some craigslist sales, I thought nothing of it, but when I picked up, I was told that the call was from Gamestop (the evil empire of video game retailers) and that I was to hold for a message from Shawn Marion. I thought to myself, he must be going pretty far down the list of media outlets to relay trade demands to be calling some blogger with a few dozen readers, but apparently he called to tell me that NBA Live 08 would arrived today at Gamestop. I told him "Live sucks, 2K has been where it's at since Dreamcast, and by the way take your $20 million and don't be talking all this noise," but he just said "Matrix" in a high pitched voice and hung up.

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