Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fox and CBS TV coverage is an embarrassment to the NFL

As got into my football watching position Sunday afternoon I was horrified like I so often am at 1 PM on Sundays when I turn on CBS. Not because of CSI or the fact that Two and a Half Men is somehow popular, but because yet again CBS was stubbornly airing an NFL game in standard definition. The Ravens/Browns and Texans/Falcons games were not available in HD, as is so often the case for games broadcast on CBS. They make an enormous financial commitment for an incredibly desirable package of programming, and then, to borrow a football expression, they nickel and dime their coverage. It boggles the mind; they're practically begging you to watch the inferior NFC on Fox.

And perhaps I would have done that, but Fox defied rational thought by making Rams/Cowboys the national game this past Sunday. The Cowboys were 3-0 with nothing resembling a close game and getting back Greg Ellis and Terence Newman. The Rams were 0-3 and without their two best players - Orlando Pace and Stephen Jackson. How anyone at the official network of the GOP thought that it would be a compelling game at halftime is beyond me. I thought that maybe they were broadcasting it the Washington area because of the NFC East tie in, but it was clearly their national game because they had their number one team in the booth: Troy Aikman and Joe Buck.

Aikman dropped this nugget to cement their status as the A team: "Now, Marion Barber's carries have increased each week over the first three games while Julius Jones' carries have decreased. I don't think that's coincidental." I guarantee that's word for word what he said because I rewound with my DVR to listen to it six or seven times to get it right. I wonder at what point he could be sure that it wasn't coincidental. He wouldn't need Sherlock Holmes or the cast of CSI, that guy from the USA show Psyche could crack that case.

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