Friday, October 19, 2007

She ain't my ho no mo

I usually stay away from the celeb gossip, but if Tony Romo's play falls off in the next month this story will dominate Cowboys football news. Plus I get to use this clever title. It sounds like American Idol hottie Carrie Underwood has moved on from Romo to some guy I've never heard of on a show I've never heard of with a haircut that probably costs more than the computer I'm typing this on. Regarding Underwood, Romo said "We're friends," but if blondie calls him on a Monday morning complaining about this pretty boy ditching her to play poker with Jake Gyllenhaal when he's high on painkillers with an Osi Umenyiora imprint on his lower back, I have a feeling the friendship will be strained. Not that I'm bitter.

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