Wednesday, October 31, 2007

G.I. Joe gets the green light, Akira in the works, Joker gets viral, and one scary trailer

Paramount will begin filming G.I. Joe early next year, largely to avoid losing out on the rights like they did with Transformers (whoops).

In other movie news, apparently Warner has tabbed a director for a live action version of the seminal anime Akira: Ruairi Robinson. It seems like a huge project to hand a unknown director, but he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film.

The Dark Knight kicked off a viral campaign today at The gist is people around the countries will take pictures of minor landmarks that are laid out by the Joker, and when all the requested pictures are uploaded to the website something will happen or be revealed. Probably an actual trailer, as opposed to voiceover teaser we've seen. Maybe it's just this leaked teaser.

Finally, I've finally seen the trailer for The Mist and it looks incredible. Frank Darabont directing Stephen King? Could be great.

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