Thursday, October 11, 2007

The National Pastime?

There's an RBI Baseball slurp piece up on The Escapist that has some surprising statistics regarding sports video games. It's not surprising that Madden is the top selling sports video game, but how about the fact that NCAA Football is a "a close second." (It's also mentioned that the terrific Fight Night and horrible NBA Live franchises rank ahead of the MLB 2K series in terms of sales). I looked up the sales charts for July (NCAA Football 08 was released 7/17) and NCAA ranks 1st, 4th, and 6th on various platforms. All-Pro Football 2K8, a direct competitor to Madden, ranks 19th. MLB 2K7 was released 2/27, so sales for the month it was released might not be a fair comparison. Nevertheless it ranked 8th and Sony's MLB 07 17th for February (the six month old Madden 07 ranked 14th), up to 8th and 9th respectively for March.

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