Friday, October 5, 2007

From the pages of Duh Magazine

Marion Jones will reportedly admit to using steroids to prepare for the 200 Olympics in Sydney, where she won three gold medals and three bronzes, an unprecedented feat. In other breaking news, shit stinks. Her ex-husband is an admitted steroid user, her child's father is an admitted steroids user, I'd be surprised if her new husband wasn't a steroids user.

With all the record breaking accomplishments in sports over the last twenty years that have been tainted by steroids, how is it unreasonable to assume Lance Armstrong was doing something outside the rules while he rewrote the record book at the Tour de France. The only person who claims to have seen anything incriminating is an ex-masseuse with little credibility, although Armstrong had some dubious EPO levels during the 2004 Tour de France. But the most convincing evidence is that Armstrong has dominated a sport where virtually everyone of his leading competitors have been linked to performance enhancing drugs. What's easier to believe: that Armstrong can recover from cancer and crush them all when he is clean and basically everyone else is dirty, or Armstrong's doctors are better than anyone else's doctors?

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It can't work in reality, that is exactly what I suppose.