Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Jerk Store is well stocked

Here's a PTI style toss up for you: who showed less respect to their respective sport on Sunday. Alex Rodriguez/Scott Boras for announcing he'd opt out of his contract in the middle of game 4 of the World Series, or Bill Belichick/Tom Brady for running up the score to preposterous levels? It's got to be ARod & Boras for taking away from the Red Sox World Series win. People have run up the score for no reason before (can you imagine how many points the Pats will put up when they play the Jets again at Foxboro 12/16), but how many agents break baseball news in the middle of a clinching World Series game? What the Patriots did was classless, what ARod and Boras did was appalling.

If you throw in Kobe Bryant's lack of effort this preseason, at least perceived by Charles Barkley and Phil Jackson, then you've got three of the five biggest names in American sports (along with Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning) engaging in some seriously me-first behavior. Kobe is of course trying to force his way onto Dallas or Chicago after forcing his way onto New York or L.A. when he was coming out of high school or like he forced Shaq out of L.A. Even with the most hyped regular season game ever on the horizon, this Prima donna stuff is truly casting a pall over sports.

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