Monday, October 22, 2007

Hormone deficiency... Riiiiiiight.

If a journeyman pitcher with less than 100 career wins and one season where he struck out more than 106 in on HGH, then who isn't? Paul Byrd says he was prescribed HGH by a doctor because of a hormone deficiency and admitted it made him a better pitcher.

"At the insistence of a close friend, I went and had my hormones checked . . . To my surprise, the doctor told me that I was producing very little growth hormone and prescribed a dosage to help me out. I didn't like sticking a needle in my inner thigh each night but I sure did enjoy the sleep that occurred afterwards. My life changed during that time and I was able to work out more, experience less fatigue and recover quicker from pitching."

I've known many people who have had trouble sleeping, and most of them were prescribed sleeping pills and not human growth hormone. Maybe he went to Dr. Nick Riviera asking for a way to sleep better and to pitch 200 innings every season. Byrd reportedly received HGH 2002-05 (I say reportedly because he may have received HGH prior to 2002 or after 2005). In 2002 he pitched a career high 228 1/3 innings, in July 2003 he had Tommy John surgery, he recovered quickly to pitch 114 1/3 innings in 2004, and again threw 200+ innings in 2005. I think Ricky Williams needs to see this doctor about his glaucoma.

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