Monday, October 29, 2007

Payback for Beckham?

Maybe Giants/Dolphins looked like a halfway attractive matchup eight months ago, but it didn't look that way at any point in the last two months yet that's what England and Americans without Direct TV were subjected to Sunday afternoon. How is a 13-10 snoozefest supposed to drum up any interest in our number three domestic resource (behind feature films and smugness).

And I can't remember a worst string of nationally televised games than the run we're on right now. Not since week 3's epic Green Bay/San Diego game have I been able to watch Sunday's day games from my couch without cursing Fox, CBS, and the NFL for subjecting me to mismatches between large market teams. Thank goodness for the flex scheduling - starting week 11 NBC will pick which games to televise Sunday Nights with some exemptions.

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