Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Best. Name. Ever.

Chris Webber is apparently engaged to a South African star named Cleopatra Mariri. She has been living here all over the United States wherever Chris Webber is playing over the last four years. She's got another celebrity friend named - wait for it - Chichi Letswalo who has come to the greatest country in the world "looking for a rich man and a job." But wait, it gets even better! Miss Letswalo was hired as Stephen Marbury's nanny at $140 a week. The same Stephen Marbury who admitted to sharing an intern with a cousin outside a strip club last month. So let me just say what we're all thinking: Marbury just hired a 24 hour bang maid for a fraction of minimum wage. Which makes it the best Knicks signing since Pat Riley.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

BS-I know Cleo she aint no former South African star/celebrity-she a nobody she just wants some attention...Chris would not go out with such a skank-wat a f'in joke-lol